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Comics set in the Balance timeline

Last update: Saturday 2015/01/17

Lysandra wakes up halfway across the world from home, surrounded by enemies. Her sister's missing, she's being haunted by an insomniac ghost, and everyone's treating her like she's turned into some kind of monster...

Last update: Tuesday 2014/08/19

The everyday life of a TV sci-fi writer living in an alternate 2014, and that one time a homeless alien and her roommate crashed on his sofa.

Lucy Marre, impatient history student, visits Rachel, Jessica and Sandra to set some wheels in motion. Meanwhile, Alex struggles at school.

A short prologue to Balance covering events that happened four years earlier.


An elf, a dwarf, a halfling, another elf, and a half-elf walk into a pub. They stay there for far longer than the plot strictly requires.

Do the opposite of what the DM says at all times.

Other stuff

Action/adventure/comedy 4-panel comic about aliens, robots, ninjas and superpowers. Rendered non-canon by the heretic Jonas, who dropped a negative-entropy bomb on it a few years ago.

A short story about a man who's very good at running away. Originally produced as schoolwork.